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Contracts and Purchases

Working to create an integrated network of businesses by linking companies to exchange experiences and services in addition to linking with major companies to obtain business and provide different services.
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Marketing, Promotion and Opening Outlets

Supporting distinguished local industries and products and contributing to their development and opening local and international markets and outlets. We adopt direct marketing and promotion methods in addition to modern electronic through “Zaman Market” outlets.
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Employment Of Omanis In The Private Sector

Through facilitating employment, Tayseer seeks to assist Omani youth in obtaining job opportunities in cooperation with various public and private sectors through strategic partnership with government and private agencies in targeting and employing national talent and empowering them.
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Business Development Consulting

We cooperate with local and international consultants and experts to reach the maximum size of benefit for the entities and institutions seeking to develop in their administrative and marketing system and to develop their products and services and achieve the approved standards and standards.
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Managing Empowerment Initiatives and Programs

We are working on preparing and implementing ideas for empowerment initiatives and programs that will have an impact on the community and the beneficiaries, by uniting the efforts of the entities, shareholders, and society to achieve the smart goal.
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Identity and Product Development

Cooperating with various parties to develop 360 degrees of local Omani products, including content, identity, designs, standards and quality specifications.