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Taiseer (Oman Trading Platform)

Taisser - Oman's commercial platform .. It is a business platform that works to empower Omani youth, Omani companies and institutions of all kinds, craftsmen and productive families to enter the local, regional and international markets and search for ways to enhance exchange and commercial cooperation with a view to empowering and developing individuals and institutions in achieving public and private goals.

Managing the store of the Omani Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Managing the marketing and sales operations of Omani products belonging to companies of various kinds, in addition to the products of craftsmen, productive families, women and rural and coastal men through the Frankincense shop of the Omani Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. We are also currently managing the frankincense project to develop Omani products for the world (Al Expo Road).

The marketing and commercial arm of the Industrial Innovation Center

We work hand in hand with the Industrial Innovation Center to market Omani products developed by the center, and to prepare and market them to enter the local and international markets.

Al Luban Project for Developing Omani Products to international markets )The Way to Expo 2020)

New and developed designs inspired by the Omani environment are what we seek through the Art Factory project in cooperation with the Scientific College of Design, where we seek to find a nucleus for entrepreneurship among college students to enter the business world, and the ability to market their products in addition to providing their services to society.

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Souq Zaman

Souq Zaman is a project that markets the traditional Omani lifestyle of style, heritage, culture, folk cuisine and traditional music in addition to traditional crafts products by Omani craftsmen and producers, by opening direct sales outlets for these products in cooperation with our partners in the government and private sector.

Souq Zaman golas

  • Encouraging youth and small and medium-sized companies to invest in the field of cultural heritage, tourism and production.
  • Launching a model for the Omani traditional market.
  • Opening sales outlets for Omani products and crafts.
  • The link between the tourist and the consumer and the Omani culture.
  • Supporting craftsmen, productive families, individuals, and small and medium-sized companies to open sales outlets for Omani and traditional products throughout the world.
  • Promotion and marketing of Omani products, items and crafts locally and internationally.

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